05 May 2008

Arieh Out, ZeeJustin In at Bodog

Atlanta's own Josh Arieh is out at Bodog, and Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo is in as a sponsored player at Bodog (read this interview with Bonomo, I assume by Haley). Of course, Bodog hasn't gotten around to erasing Arieh's image throughout their website. I've tried to interview Arieh several times, as I've been especially interested in his decision to remain in Atlanta rather than uprooting his wife and three daughters. Bonomo should have been snapped by a site a long time ago as he's a threat in any tourney he enters.

The dismissal of Arieh two months after adding Jean-Robert Bellande is a bit more curious to me. Bellande has little tournament success to show for his last thirty months. Here is a nice comparison of Arieh vs Bellande vs Bonomo over the last few years (08/07/06):
  • Bellande ($9.4k, $44.7k, $105.1k)
  • Arieh ($71.7k, $193.1k, $561.1k)
  • Bonomo ($229k, $574.8k, $275.4k)
I'm sure the folks at Wicked Chops could chime in on the matter as they've always been close to Bodog Poker. Arieh's website is no longer there; I haven't checked it in quite awhile. I'll try to track him down through contacts to get his thoughts. Again, I'd say picking up Bonomo is a no-brainer for anyone. His previous transgressions may have kept him from being signed up by PokerStars or FullTilt, but that would only be a wild guess of mine.


Blogger guest said...

You assume correctly; 'twas my interview. I have this hangup concerning interviews and interviewers: I don't think of myself as the co-star of an interview, but rather as the reader's representative in asking questions. So you'll never see me putting my name in boldface throughout the interview along with that of the interview subject, or saying "Tell me this! Tell me that!" Bah to that crap.

-- Haley

3:34 AM  
Blogger pokertart said...

I'm shocked that any legitimate pker site would want a known cheater as their representative.

It seems like there's an attitude that because he has 'proven' himself successful in live tournaments, that his repeated cheating in the past should be overlooked as simple 'transgressions'. I don't know why the poker community is so quick to embrace someone who knowingly exploited other players.

10:02 AM  

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