21 April 2008


My Wife's Photo #4
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Long but great weekend filled with four soccer games plus a fifth that we watched (Atlanta Silverbacks). Our middle son played in all four games (two on his team and two on his older brother's 6th grade team). Both boys are showing great improvement this season, I think frankly due to being ballboys for the high school soccer team (and seeing the different things they are doing up-close rather than any great coaching they are receiving from me). The rain has wreaked havoc on our season, so there is a big backlog of make-up games (hence the four games in three days).

We're moving ahead on the redesign of this site, and I'm extremely excited to get it knocked out. It will be an experiment in better design and in monetizing a site, and I think I'll keep track of that component and report on it regularly. Any ideas that anyone would like to fire in are greatly appreciated.

I also am trying to figure out if I'll be at the WSOP at all this summer. I haven't reached out to anyone yet, although I would probably be up for more in-depth player profiles (my bread and butter, I think). I'm also hoping that a return for the Main Event with Stars works out, but I'm not sure about their coverage. I spoke to a Harrah's representative about alot of changes in the works for this year, and I think we'll see a significant upgrade in the look and feel of the venue. More about that if I'm allowed to write about it.

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